Transformational DEI Journeys and Solutions

What We Do

Transformational DEI requires personal journeys and organizational solutions. It commands individuals and teams to embark on courageous journeys of self-reflection, examination, realization, reconciliation, behavior modification, and accountability. NLYB Solutions coaches individual leaders and leadership teams through their personal and professional DEI growth and development. We coach to uncover blind spots, assumptions, beliefs, and behaviors that create barriers to inclusive and equitable workplaces and societies. We facilitate and demonstrate how to have courageous conversations that create authentic breakthroughs in DEI. With individual and team coaching as a foundation, we help organizations develop genuine DEI goals and uniquely crafted strategies to effectively achieve systemic, impactful, measurable, and sustainable DEI outcomes and organizational change.

Transformational DEI Journeys and Solutions

Nicole's Philosophy

Diversity, equity, and inclusion must exist in the hearts of individuals. When it doesn’t, no law, policy, or strategy can create it. Diversity, equity, and inclusion must be in the consciousness and courage of individuals to create and sustain. The work of a DEI coach is to help individuals and teams build their personal and organizational DEI muscle.



You may have a personal trainer or coach to help you get in physical shape. You may have a life coach to help you achieve certain milestones. You may even have a golf or tennis pro to help you with your form and follow through. Of all the experts by your side, who is helping you navigate diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice? How are you building your DEI muscle and getting into DEI shape? Meet your personal DEI coach. 

We discern where an individual is on their DEI journey, meet them exactly where they are without judgment, and navigate them along that journey while guiding their development.


Through team coaching, we identify group barriers to creating organizational inclusion and equity. We guide teams through the process of identifying how team dynamics, beliefs, values, and priorities affected the creation of the current organizational state. Together, we tackle how these elements have created barriers to inclusivity and equity and begin the work of dismantling those barriers, bringing about team and organizational breakthroughs.


Time and time again, clients tell us that we have a unique ability to see what is there and forge a path forward. We attribute this to our dual perspective of micro and macro visioning. We can zoom out to see the forest and zoom in to see the trees and a path through the forest. There is no singular DEI strategy that will work for every organization. Your organizational forest and trees are unique to your organization, and the path forward depends on that.


Once we develop your DEI strategy, we don’t just turn it over for you to figure out. In our extensive experience in the DEI field, we know most organizations don’t have the resources in place to see a plan of this nature through. Our work with you continues as we fully implement your customized DEI strategy. Implementation could include elements such as: creating the model for a DEI office; identifying and selecting related vendors; sourcing and selecting personnel (including chief diversity officers), establishing an organizational DEI council, and serving as a thought partner to your DEI office or singular DEI professional.


NLYB Solutions facilitates challenging conversations about DEI, culture, leadership, change management, and any topic that stifles the team or organization. We also coach leaders to develop the personal and professional tools to engage in courageous DEI conversations that will transform their understanding, interactions, relationships, and businesses.


When DEI crises arise, NLYB Solutions will be there to identify the root causes and address them to prevent similar issues in the future. We assess weaknesses and opportunities in the crisis plan and consult with your communication team on internal and external messaging.


As Founder & CEO of NLYB Solutions, Nicole delivers inspirational, humorous, down-to-earth, non-berating, thought-provoking,  conversational presentations and keynote addresses on diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, and organizational change. 

Nicole has the unique ability to move people forward, including people who may not want to be moved forward, without them realizing they are being moved. That is a rare gift!

Dr. Reginald S. Blaylock, Vice President, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Nicole is one of the most inspiring individuals I encountered in my 30-year career in Human Resources. She is passionate about diversity and equity in the workplace and community at large and her presentations captivate audiences paving the way for new thinking and new ideas. She is a true agent of change.

Marsha Marion, Disability Manager/Human Resources Manager

Nicole rocked the house at our conference! In my 30 years with my organization, Nicole facilitated the best workshop we have ever had. I so appreciate her ability to get important and difficult conversations going and how she focused the group on the real issues at hand. Nicole did her homework in advance and really connected with the audience. She is a skilled and thoughtful facilitator who works well with a variety of people with diverse backgrounds and ideas.

Lea R. Dopson, Ed.D. Dean and James A. Collins Distinguished Chair. President, International CHRIE

Targeted, tactical and talented – three words that describe Nicole Yeldell-Butts’ expert and nimble moderation of the second event in the Executive Conversations for Change series – Building a Diverse, Equitable and Inclusive Culture. Nicole exceeded my expectations as she adroitly combined probing, insightful questions with cogent and digestible summaries of the topics discussed, ensuring that the audience received actionable steps to assist with their own DEI initiatives. I look forward to my next opportunity to work with Nicole to leverage her DEI strategic and coaching expertise as we endeavor to contribute to this important area.

Louis Wharton, Partner, Stubbs Alderton & Markiles, LLP Member of Executive Conversations for Change Coalition

Thank you, Nicole for moderating our women’s panel. Your approach which is mixed with professionalism and a comfortable warmth was a perfect balance for all to get the most out of the event. The participants as well as the panelists loved your calm demeanor and manner in which you tee’d up the questions. Makes all the difference in the world to have a professional expert.

Amy Mathieson Executive Vice President, Community Management FirstService Residential

Nicole is the consummate DEI professional! From the time our organization first approached her about possibly facilitating a session with us, she was on top of all of the details. We had a vision for the event, but she was the one to make it happen. She took our ideas for a session and turned them into a thought-provoking, deep learning opportunity that resonated with all with each of the attendees. I would recommend her to anyone seeking to grow a DEI skillset among the individuals in their organization.

Dr. Bobbie Porter, Assistant Vice President California State University, Fullerton