NLYB Solutions Presents SHIFT: A Signature Framework for DEI Transformation

To create transformational change one must move from one place, position, direction or characteristic to another.  How does one make such change? One must SHIFT.

SHIFT is a five-point framework, designed by NLYB Solutions, for individual, team and organizational transformation.

Utilizing our SHIFT framework, individuals, teams and organizations can move from “diversity speak” and “diversity programs” to  systemic, effective, measurable and sustainable diversity, equity, and inclusion outcomes.

We take a three-pronged approach to individual and organizational transformation — individual DEI coaching, team DEI coaching, and organizational strategy. Many organizations jump directly into initiatives and strategy implementation; there are two primary problems with this approach. First, they don’t take the time to understand the role individual leaders and the leadership teams play in creating and fostering the current environment.  Individual and team coaching allows us to work with individual leaders and the leadership team in understanding how they have impacted the organization and how they want to impact the organization moving forward.

Second they don’t take the time to align with their boarded organizational mission.  Utilizing our SHIFT framework (which includes three steps prior to strategy implementation) makes our approach transformational, measurable and sustainable. We refer to our approach as “transformational DEI journeys and solutions” because we ensure that it brings about a change in individual leaders, in leadership teams and the organization as a whole.

We begin with identifying the desired destination, and the goals of our client—be it an individual, an executive team, or an organization. It all lies in the answers to this question—“Who do you want to be as an organization, team, or an individual?” Following this, we perform a cultural assessment to identify the client’s current identity.

Next, we chart a course from where you are now to where you want to be.  We discern the various tools, skills, and knowledge to get to the desired destination as well as the dangers and pitfalls that may exist along the way.

Join the SHIFT movement today! 

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